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What Happens if You Forget to Do a Booster Shot to Your Child?

Being a new mom can be overwhelming, and keeping track of all the vaccinations and shots that your little one […]

Everything You Need To Know About Epilepsy

What is Epilepsy? Imagine being awake and alert one second and seizing the next. You come back to consciousness, confused, […]

Panic Attacks Everything you Need to Know

Are you struggling to breathe? Do you feel dizzy? Is your heart racing so fast you can almost hear it? […]

Epilepsy Awareness Ribbon: Raising Awareness on World Epilepsy Day

Millions of people around the world suffer from epilepsy. This disease is characterized by recurrent seizures and can greatly impact […]

How To Get Through Panic Attacks Alone

  Anxiety and Panic Attacks Your heart is pounding. Your palms are sweaty. Your mind and body feel completely disconnected […]

What To Do If Someone Is Choking?

  Why Do People Choke?   Have you ever been sitting at a restaurant, enjoying your meal, when suddenly you begin […]

Everything To Know About Medical Identity Theft

What Is Medical Identity Theft?  According to the Federal Trade Commission, 19 people become victims of identity theft and fraud […]

Anticipating Your Next Marathon? Let’s Cover What You Need To Know

Simple tips and tricks to help you be aware of the potential dangers of racing a marathon, and role of emergency bracelets FOUND ME tags.

Do You or Someone You Love Have Diabetes? Here’s What You Can Do To Help

Diabetes and Emergencies   Have you recently been diagnosed with diabetes? Or have you been fighting against type 1 or type […]

How To Help Someone Having a Seizure

Seizures are scary, especially when you learn how common they can be. But FOUND ME can help protect you and others in cases of emergencies.

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