In case of emergency or loss, quickly reunite with your Family, Pets & Stuff


  • Tag everything and everyone you love

    Tag everything and everyone you love

    Tag your stuff, pets and even loved ones with our easy-to-use set of interactive labels, tags, necklaces and bracelets.

  • Something is lost

    Something is lost

    We all lose stuff, pets and sometimes even our loved ones - and when you do, it is easy to panic or feel anxious. FOUND ME gives you the peace of mind that whatever you lose can be easily found.

  • Found with FOUND ME!

    Found with FOUND ME!

    Most people want to return what they find, but they have no way to contact the owner. FOUND ME is an AI powered APP that gives Good Samaritans an easy way to contact the owner, friend, or family members.

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  • Finder scans the QR code

    Finder scans the QR code

    5 minutes or 5,000 miles from home, a finder can scan the recognizable QR code on your FOUND ME tag. Then, you are immediately alerted that something or someone was found.

    Objects Pets People
  • Start a chat with the finder

    Start a chat with the finder

    Our multilingual chat or video calls allows you to quickly connect with a finder and what you’ve lost - without compromising anyone’s privacy or security along the way.

    Finder Owner
  • Bring it home

    Bring it home

    FOUND ME makes it easy to return a lost possession, pet, or person, and we realize a finder goes out of their way to do so. FOUND ME pays it forward with a reward for every finder.

  • Tag
  • Lose
  • Found
  • Scan
  • Chat
  • Return
  • Reward


  • Stay connected to loved ones

    Stay connected to loved ones

    FOUND ME’s labels, tags, necklaces and bracelets are designed to easily attach to clothing or wear comfortably. More robust than a medical ID, less invasive than a tracker, FOUND ME is designed for everyone’s peace of mind.

  • Emergencies happen