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Did Your Bike Just Get Stolen? Here’s What You Can Do To Avoid Bike Theft

Learn about bike theft, ways in which bike thieves work, and what you can do to combat their methods and possibly reunite with your bike once it’s been dumped.

Dog Shelters: Giving Your Pet The Best Chances

Everything you need to do to prepare from a Dog Shelters to how to find the right food for your pet and what you can do to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. 

What To Do If You Get Stung by a Jellyfish

Stung by a jellyfish can be life-threatening. Thankfully, FOUND ME offers water-proof bracelets with medical information QR codes for such situations to immediate help.

What To Do When You Or Someone Is Having a Heart Attack

It’s important to help if someone has a heart attack. FOUND ME offers emergency cards, bracelets, and necklaces with unique QR codes on them to help medical information.

Amusement Park Nightmares Children Get Lost at Amusement Parks Everyday

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare – losing sight of their child in a huge crowd. FOUND ME can help with what to do when children get lost at amusement parks.

You’ve Just Shared Your Phone Number, but Have You Thought About What Else You Have Shared?

Why you should keep your phone number private? Find out about the risks involved with sharing your phone number and when it’s wise to share it and how FOUND ME can help to protect your personal information.

Getting Bit By A Scammer The Truth About Pet Scams

Pet scammers know what they’re doing, and they know how to hook you. Learn about the red flags and warning signs of pet scams and how FOUND ME can help you

How Car Rental Companies Take You For a Ride

Find out how car rental companies literally “take you for a ride” by asking you to pay extra and how FOUND ME smart tags and labels can help you.

Taxi Scammers Are Doing Much More Than Taking You For A Ride Taxi Scams, And How To Avoid It Happening To You

Learn everything about a taxi scams, how to avoid them, and how to increase your chances of reuniting with something you left behind.

What Is Identity Theft? What are the Signs and How to Prevent It?

Most of the time, you won’t find out about the Identity theft until you experience a loss. Check out the signs and ways to prevent it from FOUND ME.

Inflight Scams, Thefts and Lost Items – How can you avoid them when you are on a plane?

Know about Inflight Scams Inflight Scams, Thefts, and Lost Items, strategies to protect your belongings and technology FOUND ME has to help you find your lost stuff, pets, and belongings.

How to Find a Lost Outdoor Cat: Make Your Search More Efficient

Losing anything is frustrating and irritating. But it’s more when you lose your cat. Check out How FOUND ME QR code attached to your cat’s collar helps scan the code and find your cat.

When A Drone Lands on Your Property: Here’s What You Need to Know

What you should know when a drone lands on your property it’s type and what are your privacy rights and the role of FOUND ME to locate your missing drone.

How to Protect Important Documents and Medical Information

Know how to protect important documents and medical information using FOUND Me app. Determine precisely how much information you want to share when the medical QR code is scanned. keep your information encrypted and secure.

Where to Look for Lost Keys: Make Your Search More Efficient

Do you often misplace your keys? Well, it happens with all of us. Get to know how you can make your search more efficient by using FOUND ME app.

I Lost My Passport and I Fly Tomorrow: What to Do

Losing a passport one night before your flight can turn out to be quite frightful. Apply FOUND ME sticker on your passport & get in touch with the person who finds it first.

How to Not Lose Your Airpods: Make Your Search More Efficient

Know how you can avoid losing your AirPods. Make your search more efficient by applying FOUND ME stickers, labels, or tags on it.

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