How to Return a Lost Wallet

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how to recover a lost Wallet?


Did You Ever Lost Your Wallet? 

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re taking the girl of your dreams on a romantic date. Just as the evening is coming to an end, you reach into your pocket only to realize that your wallet is missing. Your face gets red. You have anticipated this moment for weeks and not only are you worrying about the whereabouts of your wallet. But you have no idea how you’re going to ask the girl of your dreams to pay for the both of you considering you asked her out. With extreme embarrassment, you explain the situation and uncomfortably watch her pull her wallet out from her purse under the table. This is a moment you will never forgive yourself for.

Losing wallets is common, more common than you’d probably think. Essentially, wallets hold our identities, we need them all the time; when we get pulled over, when we need to prove our age at a bar, and we pretty much need to prove our identification for everything. Whether it’s checking in a hotel or opening a bank account, wallets contain the most important cards we hold. 

Can Anything Bad Happen If You Lose Your Wallet?

When you find a wallet in the street, do you think about the story behind it? Is someone currently on a date and just realized they lost their wallet? Is a mother at the grocery store holding her five-year-old son’s hand unable to pay for food and basic necessities due to the misplacement of her wallet? Do you know how to return a lost wallet when you find one? Are you eager to read about it? Well, you’re in the right place. This article will cover everything you need to know about lost wallets. Moreover,  give you solutions as well as advice on how to track the owner down and how to return a lost wallet. 

What To Do When You Lost Your Wallet 

 Being worried and anxious about losing your wallet is completely valid. Any cash in the wallet is probably the least of your concerns. Inside that wallet are your driver’s license, debit card, credit cards, health insurance card, and maybe a few gift and loyalty cards. In a situation like this, you have every reason to be frustrated and feel helpless. But try to remain calm and do as much research as you can about lost wallets and how to search for one. Instead of panicking and thinking the worst, try to follow these steps: 

  1. Look in the last spot you had it (a restaurant, gas station, car) 
  2. Contact your debit and credit card issuers and speak about getting a new card, even if it’s temporary, you can’t do much without your cards 
  3. Freeze your credit
  4. Contact the police
  5. Contact the department of motor vehicles 
  6. Contact your health insurance company 
  7. Prepare for it if it happens again

lost credit and business cards in Wallet

Consider something that could help you if you happen to lose your wallet again. You could purchase a Bluetooth tracker designed for your wallet. You can use your smartphone to find the Bluetooth tracker inside your wallet by directing you to its exact location. However, you will have to consider distance and radius as disadvantages. 

What Should You Do If You Find Someone Else’s Wallet That They’ve Lost?

When finding a lost wallet, the first thing you want to consider is the location of where you found it. Ask yourself: Is it by a restaurant? A parking lot? A public restroom? The location of where you find the wallet will help you determine where you could hand it in. You could also consider taking the wallet to any branch of the bank where they have a card, most of the time the bank will know how to contact the owner. 

Unfortunately, there are not many things you can do to track a person down and return a lost wallet, especially if there are no locations or business cards that could direct you to a specific location. And if you do happen to find the owner, it’s not uncommon that a random stranger will claim the wallet and act like it’s their own. There is, however, a simpler solution than trusting a stranger with a person’s belongings. Although you may be a good samaritan, it doesn’t mean everyone is. 

Locate A Missing Wallet With The Help Of FOUND ME

FOUND ME provides a very easy and fast solution on how to return a lost wallet or any lost belongings you care for. FOUND ME markets interactive labels and tags with QR codes that can be place inside or outside of a wallet and will encourage just about anybody who finds it to scan them.

Once scanned, the finder will automatically be connected with the owner through an automate secure chat. They can discuss details on where and how to return a lost wallet (or any other belonging). Whether you left your wallet during a connection flight in Tokyo, or left your wallet at the gas station down the street, FOUND ME will help you reunite with your lost wallet as the secure chat can be translated into 46 different languages.

trace lost credit cards

Lost Wallets Are Rarely Returned: Research and Statistics 

According to CNN, only one in five people who discover a wallet in the street would hand it in or try to track the owner down. The study shows that over fifty percent of people say they would return the wallet which throw’s people’s honesty into question but also shows the importance of taking care of your belongings. 

Researchers conducted an experiment and dropped twenty wallets and purses in five different cities over the course of the summer. Each wallet and purse contained $10, tickets, receipts, a photograph, and business cards that linked the item to the research team. The wallets and purses were purposely left at cafes, museum, bookstores, shopping malls, on the street, and in public transportation. The researchers found that only twenty percent of the wallets. And purses were returne, and only fifty percent of those contained the original amount of money. 

The researchers then interviewed a random sample of adults and found that ten percent had lost their wallets in the past five years. While eight percent had their wallets stolen. The research concluded that people carry an average of $130 in cash and more than $10,000 in credit in their wallets every day. The average person will spend more than 110 hours replacing their personal items as long as credit and debit cards. 

Sarah Blaney, a card fraud expert, expressed “losing your wallet is a highly stressful experience and causes great inconvenience and worry.” She then went on to explain that “with a vast majority of people carrying their credit and debit cards, as well as vital personal information in their wallets.  Millions of people are putting themselves at risk of fraud.” 

The five cities

The study concluded that within the five cities, London proved to be the most honest, with all returned wallets still containing the original amount of money. Researchers also found that a wallet or purse has a higher chance of being return. If it’s been lost in a museum, with 47% of the ones dropp there having been return successfully. None, however, were returne in cafes or on public transportation. 

FOUND ME protects your belongings, but also your pets and even your loved ones. Its interactive tags, labels, bracelets, and even medical cards that can help you or a family member in case of emergency!

you can learn more about FOUND ME and how to protect your world. 

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