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  • Instant in-app chat with finder As soon as your identifier is scanned, you will be notified so you can start a chat with the finder without having to share any personal information. The finder is not required to download the FOUND ME APP.
  • AI assistant to help with returns FOUND ME’s APP is equipped with Artificial Intelligence that will guide both you and the finder during the return process.
  • Text / SMS notification when your identifier is scanned You can choose to receive a text message when your identifier is scanned.
  • Video calls with your family when found You or your finder can initiate a confidential video call. A friendly face is particularly helpful when a child is lost or someone with dementia is found.
  • In-app translation into 46 languages If you are traveling abroad or the finder speaks a foreign language, FOUND ME will automatically translate your chat in 46 languages.

Emergency & Medical

  • Medical profile available to first responders First responders can access the relevant medical information you’ve agreed to display, like allergies, blood type, or specific medical conditions.
  • Emergency contact notification and chat with family When a finder, such as a first responders or Good Samaritan, scans your FOUND ME identifier up to 5 of you emergency contacts will immediately be notified.
  • Medical identifier can also help return the object if found An identifier can provide three functions: it can provide medical information, notify emergency contacts, and return the identifier if the object is lost.
  • Release of medical records through emergency contact For added security you can require an emergency contact to release your medical profile after confirming the emergency.
  • Block your medical identifier (in case of lose) In the event you lose your medical identifier, you can disable the display of your medical profile while still allowing it to be used as a way to return your lost object.
  • Family member profile linking You can link your family members to your profile. This would allow first responders to have access to your family's medical profile in case they were in an accident (example: Your family is in a car accident but only one of you is wearing a FOUND ME medical identifier, linking your profile means that first responders have access to all your family medical profiles).

Advanced Feature

  • Set timers and reminders You can set reminders to take your medication, annual checkups, vaccination schedule for your pets, and much more.
  • Create a customized thank you message You can customize your Thank You message for each identifier or simply use your default message.
  • QR code Lock Screen for your smart phone You can add a lost or emergency QR code to your lock screen. A finder or Good Samaritan can scan the phone in case of an emergency or loss.
  • Attach multiple images and documents to your tags Dont limit yourself to one image or document, upload vital information that can be used for insurance claims.

Discounts and Warranties

  • Members get up to 50% OFF on products These discounts cannot be combined with other offers
  • Lifetime warranty on tags and labels As a premium member we have a no questions asked lifetime warranty on our tags and labels (except on luxury or customized products).
  • Lifetime tag replacement (just pay S&H) Simply contact us with picture of your defective product and we will organize a replacement, simply pay the Shipping and Handling and you will have your replacement in no time.

Print & Email

  • Lost and found poster In the event you lose your item or pet you can automatically generate and print a lost poster in 46 languages.
  • Medical profile in 46 languages You can have your medical profile automatically translated into 46 languages. Therefore, if you are traveling abroad and encounter a medical emergency, most of your profile information will be available in the local language.
  • People, Pet, or Object profile You can create a profile for each object, pet or person.


  • Lost and found poster In the event you lose your item or pet you can automatically generate and print a lost poster in 46 languages.
  • Vaccination reminders and alarms You can set reminders for your pet's annual checkups, immunization, etc.
  • Easily update contact information Any information you need to update can be done directly from your phone and in real time
People$97in Qty as low as $34**
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People$97in Qty as low as $34**
Pets$52in Qty as low as $18**
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