Did You Know Airlines Can Lose Your Pets? 

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Your Guide To Successfully Traveling With Your Pet lost my pet

What You Should Know Before Traveling With Your Pets

Traveling is thrilling and exciting, but it can also be chaotic and nerve wracking. There’s so much preparation that comes with it, and rushing to your gate is just one of the things we anxiously anticipate as we enter the doors of an airport. Flying with your pets can be as stressful, if not more stressful than flying with your children. Whether your pet is in a carrier on your lap, or your pet is in the cockpit of the airplane, you face the terrifying risk of losing them. 

Every airline is different and has different requirements, but according to an article on The Dodo, animals are sometimes treated worse than luggage. Carriers can get crushe and break open during transportation if not handle with proper care, enabling your frightene pet to flee. What happens if your beloved pet happens to escape? Chances are, an airline worker, baggage handler or traveler will come across your lost pet either in the cockpit or inside the airport. But how do they reunite the pet to its rightful owner? 

In this blog, we’ll get into everything you need to know about traveling with your beloved pet, and what you can do to increase the chances that your pet is returned if and when found. With knowledge and a few helpful tips on what you can do to increase the chances of having your pet returned to you, your next trip can be less stressful. 


What To Consider When Traveling With Your Pet On An Airplane 

Successful travel with your pet begins weeks, or even months prior to the day of your trip. Traveling with your pet requires a lot of planning and preparation in order to make the experience as pleasant as possible for both of you and your furry friend. Let’s dive into a few steps you should take to ensure a positive experience with your pet. 

Homework and research about the airline you choose to travel with is crucial. This includes: 

Type of travel

Determine whether your pet qualifies to fly with you on your lap or under your seat, or in a crate in the cockpit. This usually depends on the size and weight of your pet. Smaller dogs have a much higher chance of flying with you in the cabin than larger dogs. Emotional support dogs can usually fly with you in the cabin regardless of their size.


Every airline requires paperwork, but some airlines require more than others. Vaccinations and health certificates are a must. If you’ve travelled with your pet before and you think you know all the steps to take, ensure that you use the same airline and confirm that the requirements haven’t changed or updated since your last trip. 


While you are getting paperwork at the vet, ask your vet to take precise dimensions of the weight and dimensions of your pet to help determine the right size of your transport carrier. Once you have the crate, familiarize your pet to its crate by leaving it open for your pet to get in and out of prior to traveling. This will help your pet with the stress of being in a new and unknown space. 


Most pets are anxious when traveling or experience separation anxiety. Consider giving your pet a sedative prescribed by your vet to help them stay relaxed during the flight. It’s important to test the sedative prior to flying as every pet is different and may react to the drug differently. Ensuring you have the right drug that helps your pet relax is crucial to helping your pet have a positive travel experience. love my lost pet

A QR Code on a Dog’s Collar Can Help a Finder Contact the Owner.

Collars – we put collars on our dogs and cats to help identify who their owners. But there’s not a whole lot of information on them, and the information that is on them can ultimately be take advantage of. Found by the wrong kind of person, your phone number and address can lead to a number of privacy issues. 

In a previous blog, I discussed the dangers of sharing your phone number and the privacy issues that may follow. Sharing your phone number with strangers is never a good idea, and by labeling your phone number on your dog or cat’s collar allows just anybody who comes across your lost pet to take advantage of it. And if found by the right hands, your phone number can be hard or even impossible to read. Over time, dog tags deteriorate and many owners don’t notice that their information is unreadable. 

Save your pets with Found Me

Thankfully, FOUND ME has come with an alternative for these issues. A tag with a QR code can protect your privacy by keeping your information completely confidential, even your phone number and address. When the QR code is scanned, the finder is automatically connecte to the owner through an automate chat. Your phone number, location and home address is not shared unless you choose to do so when chatting with the finder and discussing options for return. 


No Language barrier

As we all know, airports are usually busy and chaotic with millions of people from all over the world racing from terminal to terminal, and gate to gate. But there is no language barrier with FOUND ME. If your pet’s finder happens to speak a different language than you do, you’ll still be able to successfully communicate with the finder as the chat will automatically translate your language and the finder’s language according to the language or nationality your respective smartphones are set to. 

Scan me for a reward

Some dog tags have a “scan me for a reward” on them which can encourage those who come across your missing dog to scan the tag without wasting any time. So once your pet is returne, FOUND ME will send a company reward to the finder to thank him for his act of kindness.

You will also have the option to add an extra personal reward for the finder (you will set the amount you want) and send them a thank you note. This doesn’t mean you need to reward your finder with an amount of money, and you don’t need to reward the finder if you don’t want to. 

FOUND ME’s ultimate goal

FOUND ME’s goal is to help owners reunite with their pets, children, vulnerable family members and valuable items. And as we all know, looking for a lost pet or child in a crowded area, such as an airport can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

 Learn more about FOUND ME and everything it has to offer and to increase your chances of reuniting with your fur baby. 

About us

We are all at risk of losing the people pets and valuables that mean the most to us. FOUND ME was created as a global solution to tamper this risk and provide peace of mind. We exist to protect everyone and everything important in our customer’s lives.

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