Thieves Love The Beach Just As Much As You Do

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How To Avoid Beach Theft

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Why Beach Theft Is So Common 

Going to the beach is a classic summer activity. There’s nothing quite like it – taking in the beautiful sun rays while getting into the warm salt water. It’s a time for us to decompress and relax while taking a break from our hectic lives. Unfortunately, beach theft happens all too often, and realizing that your belongings are missing can ruin that blissful moment away from reality. 

Thieves are aware of why we go to the beach in the first place, and they know that the last thing on our minds is responsibility. It’s too easy to get carried away and lose track of time when you’re floating away in the ocean. The beach is one of most common places thieves tend to go, and they typically target specific people based on a number of things. 

The first being based on where you choose to set up camp for the day. If your ideal spot is far from people, a thief is less likely to get caught because people are less likely to see that someone is going through your things. If you’re in a crowd, people can also just assume the thief is the rightful owner. The best thing to do is find that perfect middle – no crowds, but no isolation either. 

When packing your beach bag, be mindful of what you bring. Ask yourself what you do need versus what you want to bring. You’re likely to need your phone, keys, and wallet. But you could do with leaving your watch and jewelry. Making a mental list of what you need versus what you want to bring can be helpful. Here are some tips to help you decide what you should and shouldn’t bring to the beach to help avoid theft.

Clever Hiding Techniques To Avoid Beach Theft

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There are methods that can help prevent theft and give you peace of mind when you go for a dip in the ocean and leave your belongings behind. Before getting into that, as mentioned above, the first thing you should do is decide if you really need all or any of the things you are bringing with you. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when going to the beach: 

  1. Locate yourself near people and make friends with the people in your surrounding. You could even ask somebody to watch your stuff as you leave for your hourly dip in the ocean. It will also make it that much more likely for them to speak up if they see someone rummaging through your belongings. 
  2. Put your valuables in a zip-lock bag and put them under your towel. Thieves know they’re on a time crunch and will not waste any time looking in places that aren’t obvious, like your beach bag. According to The Washington Post, most thieves are actually really bad at what they do. Another clever method is by putting your belongings in a Pringle container or a cookie bag. Again, since thieves are under pressure, they’re less likely to be looking in places that don’t make sense. 
  3. Use a waterproof container that will allow you to bring your valuables, such as phone and wallet with you while you go for a swim. There are anti-theft waterproof bags that you can purchase to ensure your valuables are safe. Here are the 5 best anti-theft beach bags you can purchase online to ensure more peace of mind. 

Think Like A Thief To Catch One

Thinking like a thief is the key to crime prevention. When you’re packing your beach bag, think of what a thief would love to take home with them. Probably some cash, credit cards, expensive sunglasses? Think of where a thief would look at first glance, considering they are under pressure and ready to run. Distracting a thief can also be a good idea – put your valuables in an uncommon place that nobody would think to look.

Thinking like a thief goes for any type of situation – whether you leave the keys in your car ignition to grab something in the house, or leave your house unlocked telling yourself you’ll be back in just a moment, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Thieves will take note of your carelessness and consider you a prime target. 

Losing Valuables On The Beach

While beach theft is common, losing a belonging can be just as common. Sunglasses, cameras, phones – they all tend to disappear in the most inconvenient moments. It’s probably happened to you, and it’s happened to me. 

I went to the beach one morning hoping to relax and catch up with my friends. We went for a swim and ended up spending two hours in the waves exchanging stories about life. As we headed back to our belongings, we noticed our bags had been rummaged through. Instantly, I knew my keys were gone. I didn’t even have to look.

It was the only thing I had left in my bag, my phone with me in a zip-lock bag, and my credit card was in my phone case. I still looked, panicked and overwhelmed. I was filled with anger and disappointment towards myself, how could I let this happen? I should’ve been more careful.

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When we go to the beach, we don’t expect strangers to come and take as they please. But as I mentioned, it happens more often than you think. Whether we lose something, or it’s been stolen, the feeling is never pleasant. If this has happened to you before, or you’re concerned it may happen to you, you’re in the right place.

Learning about beach theft can help you be more cautious, and considering some of the clever tips and tricks can help you avoid this unfortunate situation. 

Theft, Scams, And Missing Items

I think it’s fair to say that we have all lost something of value to us at least once in our lives. It’s an overwhelming feeling that we all try to avoid on a day-to-day basis. Nobody likes looking for their keys, phones, or wallets. Especially when you’re going in circles and looking in the same places. There are many studies on the psychology of losing things, how it makes us feel hopeless and helpless.

It’s a disruption to our sense of control and some of us never seem to learn from our mistakes. Losing or misplacing an object can turn into a habit we just can’t seem to shake. And unfortunately, losing or misplacing something can lead to theft, especially valuables such as wallets as they usually provide your address and identity. 

But what happens if you come across somebody’s belongings and you’re unsure of how to return it? It’s an issue that many of us have probably faced throughout our lifetimes. Even if our intentions are to return it, it still feels like theft. I will go into a few ways to overcome this issue, that help both finder and owner. 

An Innovative Solution

Having your valuables get lost or stolen is inevitable, or is it? There are ways you can outsmart a thief, and even your forgetful self. 

FOUNDME is a company whose main goal is to help you reunite with your missing or lost valuables, and can even help you return a lost belonging to its rightful owner. As I mentioned earlier, finding something that is not yours and wanting to return it can be a frustrating and agonizing experience that leaves you feeling helpless. 

FOUND ME tags and labels with QR code can be used on any valuable belongings, such as phones, cameras, glasses, or wallets and once scanned will automatically connect you, their owner, with the good samaritan who found them. 

In the case of a stolen belonging, thieves tend to grab a purse or bag, take what’s valuable in it and leave it behind. Somebody may then come across that favorite beach bag with your vintage camera in it, or that purse you just got for your birthday.

If a good samaritan were to come across it, they would be encouraged to scan the QR code on the FOUND ME tag, typically out of curiosity, and finally be able to reach out and connect with you (along with 5 additional contacts you selected)  through a secure chat. And if you are in a different country, FOUND ME chat will be translated to your language for you, and the finder’s language for them making the returning process easy and fast! 

Learn more about FOUND ME, and everything it has to offer when it comes to protecting the things you care about.

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