I Lost My Passport and I Fly Tomorrow: What to Do

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The night before I fly out, I always fear that I’m leaving something behind. Nervously, I check my bags, repeating the list in my head: passport, boarding pass, keys, phone, wallet. I repeat the list until I’ve checked everything off. I’ve made it a habit to double-check everything the night before taking on a flight. 

Suddenly, I notice that my passport is not in the front pocket of my bag where it usually is. I must’ve misplaced it. But how? I’m always careful with these things. Fear begins to settle in. My flight is tomorrow and without my passport, I can’t get to where I need to be in time. 

Passports give us the ability to travel by providing proof of our identity and nationality. They are so important that they are stolen often due to their value. People will steal passports for a number of different reasons therefore it’s crucial that you keep them safe at all times or file a report claiming that you’ve lost it and that it’s potentially been stolen. 

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If you’ve lost your passport and you happen to be flying domestically, you may be lucky and be able to use a different form of ID if you have one, like a driver’s license or state ID. Depending on the airline you’ve chosen, you would be able to find out whether or not flying with an ID would be acceptable. The process is simple, you’ll sign a statement saying that you are telling the truth and the TSA agents will put you through additional screenings and inspections. 

What happens if you don’t fit the proof ID requirements? 

If you don’t happen to fit the proof of ID requirements for your airline and you cannot fly out without a passport, there are regional passport offices that can process same-day applications that you must attend in person.

Although losing a passport is always a terrifying experience, there are a few things that you can do to help avoid losing it, and if you do, ways of possibly getting it back. 

I Lost My Passport Abroad: The Replacement Process 

Whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced traveler, you’ve most likely rummaged through your bags in search of a misplaced passport at least once in your life. Most of the time you’ll end up finding your passport in a different bag than usual or you’ll likely find it hiding somewhere in your pockets. 

The first thing you want to do if you can’t find it, it’s confirm it’s really missing. When we travel, it’s easy to lose and misplace things because all of our things are put together in a bag rather than in our usual spots at home. Once you have fully checked all your bags and your surroundings, and you still can’t find your passport, it’s time to take action and file a report

If you lost your passport and you’re traveling abroad, you probably won’t have your birth certificate handy. If you don’t happen to have enough documents with you to prove your citizenship, the embassy will only be able to provide you with a limited passport that only allows you to return to your country. Once you are home, you won’t be able to travel abroad again without going through the full application process for a new passport. 

If you’re abroad, you should locate the nearest embassy and ask to speak with someone about your current situation explaining what happened and when it happened. In case to plan to travel the country soon let that person know so they can expedite your new passport as quickly as possible. 

Online Portal

If you lost your passport and you still don’t know what to do, you can download the ItsEasy renewal app and submit a 2-by-2 inch required photo and document digitally through the portal. The app will help you by alerting you to where the closest embassy is located by you helping you with the expedition process. Make sure you do your research and bring all needed documentation and personal information. 

My Passport Is Lost/Stolen:

Why you should report your passport lost/stolen IMMEDIATELY 

Most of the time, when we lose something valuable, we don’t want to accept that it’s gone. This sense of denial causes us to procrastinate the reporting and replacing process. It’s difficult to know when to end the search for your missing belonging and start taking action. However, when it comes to losing something as important as your passport and social security, there is no time for waiting and looking around. 

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If you think your passport has been stolen, you need to file a police report as quickly as possible. Filing police reports are necessary and strongly recommended because if you find yourself in a situation of criminal or identity theft, they will most likely have your back. To report a missing passport, simply click here. 

Passport numbers can be used in conjunction with other pieces of personally identifiable information to commit criminal identity theft. Scammers can target cryptocurrency exchanges, payment systems, betting websites and can ever open fraudulent bank accounts for money laundering or collecting sign-up rewards. 

People can also use your passport to travel under a fake “clean” identity and it is very common for criminals, human traffickers, and drug smugglers to steal your passport for that specific reason. Recently, the use of stolen passport has become commonly used for terrorists, therefore, it’s detrimental that you report it lost or potentially stolen. 

Tips That Can Help You Avoid Losing Your Passport/Help You Get It Back 

  1. Keep your credit card with your important belongings, like a credit card, cash, and other important documents
  2. Only take it out when you have to. Only show your passport to officials who request it and put it back with your other belongings. 
  3. Do not store your passport in your checked luggage. 
  4. Have a backup, make copies and leave it with a trusted friend or relative. 
  5. Keep it safe. When you stay at hotels, use the safe to store your passport and other important documents. 

However, this is another way of improving the chances of someone finding your passport and returning it to you. FOUND ME‘s tags and app simplifies the return process and increases the chances of you getting your passport back in time for your trip.

Applying a FOUND ME sticker on your passport will invite a Good Samaritan to scan the QR code and immediately get in touch with you.  

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This chat is completely secure and global, meaning if you leave your passport in Germany and you are originally from the U.S, you and the finder will be able to communicate in your own languages through FOUND ME‘s multilingual chat.

You can use FOUND ME’s tags on glasses, electronics, toys, luggage, and much more.  And even better, FOUND ME can help you protect your family members, pets, and even children. 

To learn more about FOUND ME and everything it has to offer in order to protect the ones you love, visit www.foundme.com.

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