How to Not Lose Your Airpods: Make Your Search More Efficient

You’ve had a long day at work, and you need a moment to yourself – to escape reality for a moment. You reach into your pockets, eager to find the one thing that can help you relax. Airpods! But instead, the feeling of panic surges over you. They’re not there, in fact, they’re nowhere. And to make things even worse, you’re almost certain they’re out of battery.  

We are all more or less familiar with one of Apple’s newest creations: The Airpods Pro. A device that has revolutionized the way we look at technology and the way we listen to music. Unlike any other product or Apple product for that matter, this tiny device provides us with two Airpods about the size of a pair of earplugs that help us blackout the outside world. 

Whether you’re walking down a crowded street in a busy city, on a nature hike, cooking, or on a conference call, they always come in handy. Essentially, they become our escape and part of our daily routines. And just like most things we seem to cherish nowadays, they come with a hefty price tag of $249. 

Losing things, especially the things we seem to love and need the most. It is simply inevitable and happens to us all too often. The average person spends roughly 2.5 days a year looking for misplaced items, according to PR Newswire.

And, as I’m sure we can all agree on, there’s nothing more frustrating than losing something valuable to us.  we have an attachment to, and have a habit of using throughout the day. However, there are effective strategies on how not to lose your Airpods that can help you save time and money. 

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Locate your lost Airpods

Eventually, the search for our pricy belongings becomes overwhelming and much too familiar. Thankfully, the latest version of the Airpod Pros offers a system that helps you locate your lost Airpods by tracking them or creating a sound sent from your phone. However, if you’re like me, and you regularly lose your items and often forget to charge them, you’re doomed! 

How Losing Airpods Can Make Us Feel

We all know the feeling of panic and desperation when we lose something. That heart-wrenching moment when we search our pockets, and our belonging is no longer there. The feeling of panic and stress associated with losing something valuable has become so common and familiar that it’s been given its term, nomophobia. A term I’m sure we can all relate to and have experienced at least a couple of times in our lives. 

Losing something that has value to us is never easy, especially when it’s expensive and difficult to replace, and in some cases, irreplaceable. On average, we collectively spend $2.7 billion each year replacing items, according to The Guy Corner NYC

Due to constantly losing our belongings and frantically searching for them, more than half of us are regularly late for work or school. We can retrace our steps for hours and check the same countertops, drawers, bags, and jackets, but when belonging is forgotten in a different state or country, it’s a completely different type of stress and fear that consumes us. 

The stress we experience when we lose something we know we’ll never get back can weigh us down emotionally. The psychology behind it is very profound and shows that it can lead to feelings of insanity and forgetfulness which can trigger anxiety and overwhelming feelings of frustration and irritation, according to Psychology Today.

find my lost airpods

Airpods became Apple’s most popular accessory product with 60 million sold, making them as valuable as our iPhones and Apple Watches. The downfall of this sleek, wireless, and almost weightless device is that they are so easy to lose. One in six Airpod owners has lost their beloved Airpods for good, according to Tech. co.

Expectations for Your Lost AirPods 

Many Airpod users assume that their device has an automatic built-in tracking device. I have been guilty of that, too. If you don’t activate Find My before losing your Airpods, it will be impossible to track them down. Another expectation for your lost Airpods is that if you are out of range of your iOS device, your Airpods will not appear and will not be able to create a noise to help you find them. 

And considering Airpods battery life is limited, by the time you realize one of your Airpods are missing, it can be too late. You will no longer get any updates about your Airpods whereabouts unless someone who finds your Airpods charges the case with good intentions of helping you find them. 

Many people don’t realize how easy it can be to lose an Airpod, both Airpods, the case, or the whole thing. Mostly you lose Airpods during physical activity and travel, rather than misplacing them the way we tend to misplace our keys, wallets, and phones. 

The difference between expectation and how to look for your lost Airpods is depleting and most of the time leads to nowhere unless you strategize and plan the search for them rather than checking the same places endlessly.  

How to Improve Your Chances of Finding Your Airpods: Never Lose Your Airpods Again  

Considering lost Airpods have now become a common recurrence, users have started renaming their Airpods with their email address or phone number. You can set up a new email address specifically for your Airpods to remain completely confidential. That way, if someone tries to connect to them, the owner’s contact automatically shows up. There are more chances to reach it. 

Another tip that helps you improve your chances of finding your Airpods is ear hooks which have also become a popular trend. However, it is for those who tend to lose their Airpods during a workout rather than mindlessly misplacing them. Ear hooks specifically made for Airpods come in countless shapes and colors, prioritizing your comfort. 

A less fashionable way to improve your chances of finding your Airpods is by connecting them with a wire. Many tech accessory companies have come out with all different kinds of straps that connect both of your Airpods. Now, this may seem like it defeats the purpose of purchasing wireless Airpods, but it will make them less likely to fall into creaks and cracks and you can also remove them at any time. For instance, if you fear losing your Airpods while you’re on a run, the wire could come in handy. 

Another trick to improve your chances of finding your Airpods is purchasing a case for your Airpods that is both protective and visible. Most cases on the market will have a clip attached to them encouraging you to attach them to your briefcase, backpack, purse, and even your clothes, such as your belt or jacket. 

Mindset and Perspective When: Looking for Airpods 

When we lose something valuable, we go through several very uncomfortable emotions. When we are experiencing these emotions of fear and frustration, sadness and despair, it becomes much harder to find what we are looking for. Our mindsets and perspectives are responsible for the way we choose to look for missing belongings. We let our fear and frantic state of mind control where we look for things. Sometimes, taking a moment to sit down and retract our steps mentally can do more than running around in circles and throwing things around expecting to find them hidden under them. 

The second stage of grief is processing that your Airpods are gone. Do you replace them and convince yourself you’ll never lose them again? Or do you settle for a less expensive downgrade of your beloved Airpods knowing they will never compare? 

Improve the Odds of Someone Finding Your Airpods: If You Love It, You’ll Protect It 

It’s been days, maybe weeks, and you still can’t find your beloved AirPods. You’ve searched everywhere, including the fridge. Now it’s time to accept that they’re really gone and they’re not coming back. It’s time to pull your tangled, wired earbuds out of your dusty drawer and call it a day.

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There is a way, however, to improve the odds of someone finding your Airpods, with FOUND ME. A tag with a unique URL can be placed on each bud as well as the charging case. As soon as a good samaritan finds them and scans the QR code or visit our finder website both the finder and the owner can immediately start a confidential chat and organize the return. 

If you are want to learn more about FOUND ME and how it can protect things. Reach out to the FOUND ME team at

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