I Lost My Glasses and I Can’t See: Make Your Search More Efficient

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I lost my glasses

It’s easy to lose glasses, but finding them is another story. As a matter of fact, for most of us, our glasses are our lifeline, they help us see better and protect our eyes and vision. Glasses are unfortunately very easy to misplace, especially around your house. And, as I’m sure we all know, running around the house looking for something in a panic can lead to nowhere most of the time.

Instead of running around your house searching in every crevice, it’s more logical to stop for a moment and take a couple of steps towards making your search more efficient and finding your glasses without the unnecessary hassle that brings you nothing but stress and irritation. 

The first important step towards finding your glasses is to look where you last had them. This requires a lot of thinking and patience. When did you last use them? Depending on when you last recall wearing them will help you focus your search locations and increase the chances of you finding your glasses. Making a mental list of the last places you remember having your glasses, and everywhere you’ve been since can make your search more efficient and help your search become more strategic. 

A common scenario of people who lose their glasses experience is standing up only to realize that their glasses are no longer on their lap. It’s hard not to convince yourself that they’ve grown a pair of legs and taken off because you know that you were sat in the chair or on the couch when the classes went missing. Oddly enough, it’s easy for glasses to slip into your clothing, such as pockets in your shirt or caught into a jumper or cardigan. Make sure to check these places before you begin to search elsewhere. 

Find your glasses

However, if you can’t seem to find your glasses after making a list and checking the last spot you believe you had them, then you may need to begin searching more abstractly. You can scan countertops and surfaces near the chair or table you lost them at. People tend to place their glasses on tables or bookshelves. The most abstract place to look is on the top of your head, as you might be looking for them but wearing them at the same time. I’m sure this has happened to all of us at least once! 

 How to Prevent Losing Glasses and What to Do If It Happens

The first tip on how to prevent losing your glasses is simple: keep them on your face. Although an obvious tip, we tend to put our glasses down without even thinking about it. Whether you’re being active or you’re just sitting at home, you’re best off just wearing your glasses than putting them away in your pocket where you are likely to lose them. 

Another tip on how to prevent losing your glasses is to carry a spare pair. Usually, prescription glasses come with a second pair just in case. Make sure you keep the second pair handy, like in your car or a specific spot in your closet. Think of your spare pair of glasses the way you think of your spare car key, and if it helps, keep them together in a safe place that you’ll remember when you’re frantically searching. 

A final, more unique tip on how to prevent losing your glasses is to wear an eyewear retainer. It’s surprising to see the latest fashion trends in eyewear retainers and you can now make a diverse range of customizable colors and prints to match your style. Wearing an eyewear retainer is not only convenient but it also keeps your glasses on you no matter the activity.  

If the search for your glasses is taking you nowhere and you still can’t see, buy a temporary pair of glasses. Although this may not be the perfect match, any local pharmacy will usually sell generic glasses. These glasses are affordable and will come in a standard prescription, so it’s important to remember what kind of prescription you have. For people who wear glasses, your prescription is your lifeline so it’s important to memorize it or have it written down somewhere you will remember to find it, for instance in your kitchen drawer or on a post-it note on your fridge. 

If you lose your glasses and you have given up the search for them, it’s time to get a new prescription. If you have an old prescription or you can’t access your prescription while you’re away on vacation, you will have to set up an eye exam. This will help you find the perfect set of glasses. You can also get your prescription from the optometrists and buy your glasses somewhere else if you prefer. As long as you have your prescription, you’ll be just fine! 

How to See Clearly Without Your Glasses or Contacts :

For those who are dependent on glasses to see on an everyday basis, losing or misplacing them is an obvious inconvenience. Without your glasses, the world can be a blur. People become trees and trees become people. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to help your eyes capture an image in case you’ve lost your glasses and you really can’t see anything. 

Prepare Yourself for An Emergency

The first tip, and the most popular and common method:

Squinting :

It’s a human’s natural reaction to squint when they can’t see something. Most people squint and think it’s completely normal, unaware of the fact that they have seeing problems that can be easily repaired resulting in clearer and better vision. Squinting helps you see better because it changes the shape of your eye making your pupil smaller and letting light in by making anything you’re looking at clearer.

For the photographers out there, it’s a similar method to a larger aperture; a smaller hole in your camera lets light in enhancing its focus. 

Pulling back your eyelids:

Another method that you can practice in case you lose your glasses and can’t find them is by pulling back on your eyelids. This also changes the shape of your eyes helping light focus where it’s supposed to go. If you are prone to headaches, this may be a better method for you as it does not cause any head pain or irritation that squinting can cause. 


A third method to help you see better in case of an emergency is to use your finger and create a pinhole. If you’re stuck in a situation without your glasses and you need to make out an image that is at a far distance from you, by creating a pinhole you will block all other light which will result in forcing the small amount of light that comes in from one place to give you a crisper and cleaner image. 

how to see with out glasses


Smartphone Camera:

A fourth very common and spoken about method is the smartphone method. Your smartphone can help you see just by opening the camera application and pointing it at where you are looking. You will be able to see things from a farther distance straight from your phone’s camera lens. 

Although training your eyes to see without glasses is a highly controversial idea, most optometrists and eye doctors believe that the effort you put into seeing better can worsen your vision. However, if you are in a situation where you don’t have your glasses and you can’t see, you are encouraged to try one of the four techniques on how to see without your glasses or contacts, unless of course, your contacts are in arm’s length, and you can safely put them on.

Improving the Odds of Someone Finding and Returning Your Prescription Glasses:

Protecting What You Love

Most of us get attached to our prescription glasses. After all, they give us the ability to see our loved ones, pets, and surroundings clearly without having to squint or experience painful headaches. It’s normal to build a connection with your glasses, so losing them is naturally a painful experience, especially if they’re your favorite most expensive pair that have taken you months to find. 

Following the methods listed above will help you avoid losing your glasses and help you practice what to do if you can’t find them. However, there is another method that can improve the odds of someone finding your glasses and returning them to you. With FOUND ME, a simple URL code that is easily attachable to the side of your glasses, just like a tiny sticker, can help you get in touch with the finder.

The process is simple: the finder looks up the URL and is automatically brought to an automated and secure chat with you. As a finder, nothing is required, not even the app. As the owner, you will just need to have the app and your information so that the finder can contact you via phone or email, whatever you choose to provide. 

Find your lost glasses with Found Me

FOUND ME acts as insurance for your glasses and will help you communicate with the finder in any language, in any country. There is a reward system that also allows you to thank your finder for returning your item instead of leaving it behind. Depending on how generous and thankful you are feeling, you can leave anything up to $1 to $100, or you can just thank the finder for their kindness. 

If you are interested in learning more about protecting the things, pets, and people you love the most click Found Me.

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