How to find lost things: Save Time by Increasing Your Chances 

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These days, we seem to be losing things constantly. Whether it’s our keys, wallets, or phone, we can’t help but mindlessly misplace things daily. How to find lost things As I’m sure we have all experienced. Losing something as important as a phone or set of keys can be very frustrating and sometimes make us feel like we’re going crazy. 

For some people, losing things is a disaster, while for other people, it can just be inconvenient. Both types of people deal with strong emotions around misplaced items, as no one is exempt. It’s fascinating and disturbing how our emotions distort our thinking and perceptions. Most of the time, we are so panicked when looking for something that a missing item can be right in front of us the whole time. 

Psychology of Losing Things: Why Do We Lose Things?

I am personally a perpetual loser; I lose my possessions all the time. Mindlessly misplace valuable objects with trivial ones like remotes or utensils, from keys to wallets. I always find myself asking those around me “has anyone seen my phone?” and have it sitting in the wrong side of my pocket. You could say that I don’t care for my belongings, and I try not to be a materialistic person, however, sometimes possessions are necessities, and my habit of losing things has become exhausting. 

When I lose something of value, I become very frantic and flustered. I begin to sweat as I tell myself “I’ve lost my keys again.” The inner voice in me telling me that I haven’t learned from my previous hundred mistakes and that I have yet again misplaced something. So, why is it that I lose things so often? What is the science and psychology behind it? And what can we do to prevent losing things, and if we happen to lose them, what can we do to ensure the best possible way of getting them back? 

I can be holding something

I’ve always been fascinated by the way I can be holding something in my hand one minute and have no idea where it is the next. This happens all too often with the tv remote. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve angrily gotten out of bed and shaken the sheets hoping to hear a bang on the floor. 

According to Wall Street Journalist Sumathi Reddy, the average person misplaces nine things a day and spends an average of fifteen to twenty minutes a day looking for a lost item. She claims that everyday forgetfulness is normal and refers. It as “the breakdown at the interface of attention and memory.” Losing things have been associated with certain conditions, such as hyperactive disorder. Which I wouldn’t be too surprised if I had ADHD considering how often I lose things. 

Other reasons explaining why we tend to lose things can be stress, fatigue, and multitasking. All things we go through while traveling, for example. Items are always left behind, especially in airports and public transportation. 

The list of possible causes for losing things is endless. Like in life, there are many variables and factors that we need to acknowledge. It’s a combination of different reasons, therefore, learning about the common causes can help us identify them. Why and how we lose certain things more than others, which in turn will eventually help us lose them less. Emotions go hand in hand with the psychology of losing things; they impact us both in organizing and locating.  

 Relying on Technology to Find Valuable Belongings: Can we really trust an app?

Due to the increase in misplaced and lost items, more and more devices have been created to help you track your missing item based on how far you are away from them. Some allow you to release a sound to help you track your missing item by listening for it. But this is only useful if you lost your item within a very close perimeter. For instance, somewhere in your house or car.

Personally, as a tracker owner. I have run into a few issues that made it difficult for me to fully rely on it. My family is scattered all across the globe. So I have become an avid traveler, and being very forgetful, I have found myself losing IDs, wallets, and keys. And chargers in many different countries… even across the ocean!  Trackers are very useful but only work within a certain range of me, meaning that there is no use if I lose something when I travel. 

Is there another solution on how to find lost things?

With FOUND ME, I am ensuring that all my most valuable belongings have a better chance of being returned to me. 

FOUND ME relies on interactive tags and labels with QR codes that can be used on anything you cherish. Unlike GPS trackers, Found me tags and labels are neither bulky, nor battery operated nor limited in range. 

In case you lose your keys or other belongings during a trip, the good samaritan who happens. Find them will be able to scan the QR code and start a secure confidential chat or video chat with you. The owner, and start the returning process right away. The finder could also decide to share their location or simply tell you where he left your lost belongings in order for you to recover them asap.. Also you can agree to meet in person so as to recover your lost items as fast as possible. 

What is Found me

And in case you happen to lose your belongings during a trip abroad, no worries. FOUND ME will be able to assist you anytime and anywhere because its automated chat can be translated into 46 different languages!

In my travels, not only have I lost some belongings, but I have often found lost random objects… I have come across house keys, phones, hats, and countless other belongings without knowing how to return them. It’s extremely frustrating, and when I find something as important as a passport. I can only imagine the stress and panic that the owner is currently going through.  

FOUND ME essentially helps both the finder and owner of the lost item. 

FOUND ME protects your valuable objects but also your pets, and your loved and vulnerable ones (elderly parents, young children…family members with health issues). If you want to know more about FOUND ME, please visit

About us

We are all at risk of losing the people pets and valuables that mean the most to us. FOUND ME was created as a global solution to tamper this risk and provide peace of mind. We exist to protect everyone and everything important in our customer’s lives.

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